some new things

May 22, 2010

in one word or phrase: hectic
I’m dreaming of you: multi-finger rings (i have such a crush on them)
song on repeat: Half of My Heart by John Mayer & T. Swift
gotta write it down: collected quotes over the last few weeks
lesson learned: always surround yourself with happy people
picture to frame: polaroids that Jess took over the last week (I’ll post when I get them from Becca)
highlight of the week: ending the semester / flying home!
weekend to do list: some good relaxation.

I got this fun little week in review from Letters From Coco. It was such a nice way to reflect on the week and process everything that happened. I’m so happy to be home & done with the school year, which turned out to be a bit crazy. Now, bring on summer school!

Also, I got this nice background from Shabby Blogs. I really like it, but haven’t determined if I’ll keep it a permanent thing or not yet.

[ring images via What’s In My Closet // Style Hive]


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