five senses friday

June 19, 2010

These pictures are from the last few months of the school when the sun was shining like nobody’s business. That’s one thing I really enjoy about San Francisco: people really appreciate the sunshine.

This is a little way to sit down and reflect on the week courtesy of Abby Try Again.

TASTING: a delicious caramel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
HEARING: crazies playing Red Dead Redemption
SEEING: the awful realities of human trafficking courtesy of the new sandals I want
SMELLING: I’m still very much enjoying the smell of the salt in the air from the ocean
FEELING: the warmth of the sunshine getting rid of the June gloom


One Response to “five senses friday”

  1. Lexie Says:

    These photos are beautiful — i love the muted colors.

    a caramel apple?!?! *Droooool*

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