Peru Pt. 2: Arequipa

September 21, 2010

Arequipa is the second town that we ventured to in Peru. It was a 12 hour bus (the first of many long bus rides) ride from Pisco. We spent five days in the town, which I was totally okay with since it was one of my favorites. Most of our time here included exploring the town and the markets (Sam and I went one day and bought every fruit that we had never seen before so that we could try it), eating lots of delicious food (thanks to two girls who had been there for a month we discovered delicious falafel, crepes & empanadas), and checking out the local churches (which are incredibly beautiful inside and out). We did attempt to climb El Misti, the tallest volcano EVER (well, not really, but it sure felt like that). Unfortunately for us, we weren’t quite adjusted to the altitude just yet and well all ended up getting sick. Good thing is, we look back on it and laugh now.


2 Responses to “Peru Pt. 2: Arequipa”

  1. Great photos! love it! Looks like you’re heaving a great time!

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