Peru pt. 4: Cusco!

October 6, 2010

Our next & final stop after Puno was Cusco, which was another 12ish hour bus ride. We stayed at this wonderful hostel owned by a Peruvian lady and her Canadian husband. Our first few days in Cusco we spent exploring the town, eating at Paddy’s Irish Pub (it holds the record for the highest elevated Irish pub), eating lots of other delicious foods, browsing the markets, half participating in riots and catching many festivals that were being put on for 28 de Julio (Peru’s Independence Day). **A little side note about Peru’s Independence Day: We were told that Cusco was the place to be. We were told that this day was supposed to all sorts of epic, so much so we skipped out on going to Bolivia so that we could be in Cusco for this wonderful day. There was talk of a giant fountain filled with beer, lots of parties and festivals, and other Independence Day type celebrations. Well, let me just say.. no beer fountain, no fiestas, people just went about their normal business. We went on a three hour horse back ride the morning of Independence Day & then went out dancing later that night. So while there no festivities during the day, we definitely made the celebration one to remember.
Cusco did have this awesome market where you could get just about any movie you wanted. One kid in the group ended up getting 50 movies for 100 soles, that’s less than $1/movie. Some people in our group also got Northface jackets for ridiculously cheap.
Two days of our Cusco trip were spent adventuring to Machu Picchu, but that story is going to be another post.
On our arrival back from Machu Picchu, the taxi driver told us that one of the churches was celebrating it’s anniversary and that we should go check out the fiesta. We ended up going the next night and it was a bunch of drunk Peruvian men dancing and having a good time. We did get to eat these Alpaca Stick Meat/Potato street food dealios though & they were quite delicious.


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