Oil & Water

October 28, 2010

Yes, that is oil from the coast of Louisiana. Yes, it was used to screen print this awesome poster. Yes, you can buy one right here, or you can just make a donation, but you probably want the poster, too!

This is a project by Happiness Brussels and ALL of the proceeds go to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

images here


Peru Pt. 2: Arequipa

September 21, 2010

Arequipa is the second town that we ventured to in Peru. It was a 12 hour bus (the first of many long bus rides) ride from Pisco. We spent five days in the town, which I was totally okay with since it was one of my favorites. Most of our time here included exploring the town and the markets (Sam and I went one day and bought every fruit that we had never seen before so that we could try it), eating lots of delicious food (thanks to two girls who had been there for a month we discovered delicious falafel, crepes & empanadas), and checking out the local churches (which are incredibly beautiful inside and out). We did attempt to climb El Misti, the tallest volcano EVER (well, not really, but it sure felt like that). Unfortunately for us, we weren’t quite adjusted to the altitude just yet and well all ended up getting sick. Good thing is, we look back on it and laugh now.

weddings & picnics

June 11, 2010

With a few people I know getting married this summer, weddings have been the topic of many conversations. I was telling my friend one day how much fun it would be to have a wedding in a park and then have a picnic reception afterwards. (If you know me, you know how much I love eating lunch in the grass on warm days!) Well, I had just about forgot the idea when I stumbled across these pictures from Nancy & Ethan’s wedding on Once Wed. I really couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate such a special day!

More Gardens

June 4, 2010

I have had such a fascination with gardens and plants lately that it’s no wonder these String Gardens caught my eye while browsing Poppy Talk. There’s just something so elegant about the way they are suspended in the air by string. I also really enjoy the ball of soil at the bottom, although I’m not sure how clean that would be.

These orange ones are so pretty. I wish I could have them in my house.

[images via String Gardens]

Singing Ringing Tree

May 30, 2010

This giant wind chime was designed by London-based architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu, who say: “From Burnley the tree’s profile will be visible on the horizon, appearing and disappearing in the mist. As the wind passes different length pipes in different layers, the tree sings different chords. Each time you sit under the shelter of the tree you will hear a different song.”

Here’s a day in life of the Singing Ringing Tree:

found here

Storm Chaser

May 13, 2010

A week or so ago I posted some shots of lightening flashes and now I’m completely mesmerized by these tornado storm shots by Mike Hollingshead.

This last one is my absolute favorite. There is so much beauty in the destruction.

[all images via Mike Hollingshead feature on Telegraph]

Gardens & Picnics

May 7, 2010

1. Awesome indoor gardens on walls and in windows, perfect for city dwellers [found via Design*Sponge].
2. This bike bag would be perfect for a bike ride to the park and a picnic.
3. I love this vintage picnic basket.
4. I also love this picnic tote with blanket included. It will probably be on my birthday list for next year.
5. These planters make your gardening a little more exciting.
6. The specialty bottles [found via The Kitchn] would be great for this Found Terrarium project.
7. Not really garden or picnic related, but this pine bench/coffee table is epic.