So, after a little battle with AT&T, we finally have internet in our house.
I’ve been catching up on life, school, adjusting to being back from my trip, impatiently awaiting the time when I can go on another trip, and just plain old adventuring.

On Monday this blog will be back in working order, with lots of Peru posts in the near future.


The SFist does this bit called “7 Reasons to Love San Francisco,” which they borrowed from the LAist.



May 3, 2010

After a wonderful adventure with a lovely friend I’ve fallen in love with this city.
A class assignment brought me here, but the food, people, atmosphere, the warm weather, the Cal campus, the Hobbit Houses and everything else will keep me coming back.

[image: Planet Berkeley by Scott Haefner]

With things like this
table garden
[via Design*Sponge Sneak Peak]

and this
hanging pot
[via Smalltown]

I’m determined to have a garden in San Francisco.

Secret Slides!

April 26, 2010

I want to go here.
Good thing my sister’s are coming up in a few weeks–it’s the perfect excuse.

Banksy in the Mission.

Coming in Fifth

Crown & Crumpet

April 11, 2010

Spent a delightful morning in this lovely tea salon with some wonderful ladies.
I’m pretty sure this has become my new favorite place in San Francisco. Not to mention the fact that it’s located in Ghirardelli Square, which is already a favorite of mine. Everything about this place–from the food, to the owner, to the tea, to the gift shop–is absolutely amazing.

Thank you Momma Eichten for the gift certificate that unraveled such a delightful morning.